Key Features:


- 7mm Carbon Composite High TG main chassis:

  We think the carbon is the best material for main chassis, because it tolerates more the

  small hits (it not goes bend) then the aluminum, and the flex characteristic is more equal

  from left to right, and also keep his “flex hardness” for longer times, so it does not force you

  to change the main chassis so often like an aluminum chassis. That is the reasons why 1/10

  electric cars use also carbon chassis instead of aluminum! The main chassis has cutouts

  for different balance weight positions.


- 100% symmetrical chassis and fixing point design:

  All cutouts of the chassis is left to right symmetrical, and the fixing screws of the engines 

  and all other components also.


- 9mm Carbon Composite main chassis stiffeners with adjustable flex windows.

  (2 pcs at rear / 1 pcs at front)


- All-in-one RC unit:

  The AIO RC unit includes the receiver box and all servos. The carbon RC tray is also used as

  stiffener for the front end and has also 1 pcs flex window.


- The Brake master cylinder is the holder of the RC unit. With this method the brake force or

  brake balance does not change during chassis flexing, because they (RC unit and master

  cylinder) are connected together.

- Compatibility for Zenoah and Beast Engine (same way like the RS5 XF F1 car).

  By changing the left and right side engine mountings you can swap between the 2 type of

  engines (Zenoah and Beast).

- Ultra low profile fuel tank.

- Center mounted ball anti-roll bars.

- Modular design:

  The car can easily take apart for service/cleaning/maintains for 9 separate sections:


     o Front bumper assembly
     o Front suspension assembly
     o Servo saver assembly
     o RC unit
     o Fuel tank
     o Engine and powertrain unit
     o Rear suspension assembly
     o Main chassis assembly 
     o Brakes